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Track 8 on Spades Cooley's 2011 album "God is Moving on Me"


I had your eyes stuck
a mental image in the back of my brain
yeah I squeezed 'em as hard as I could
out came the puss

I have your mind trapped in the letters comin' out of my mouth
Yeah they're really comin' out loud
I sin with vowels

I cut the string when every inch of you is covered in sin
The blood is seeping through the cuts of his skin
up on the cross

I can see my soul
I can see it when I'm havin' a smoke
It's the fire comin' out of my lighter
'cause I'm burnin' up

I have my addictions
making poor decisions
on my judgment day
there will be smoke
Use my intuition in making my incisions
on my judgment day
there will be smoke


from God Is Moving On Me, released February 2, 2011
Graham Smith (guitars/vocals), Thomas Finn (drums)




Spades Cooley Knoxville

Spades Cooley is an indie rock duo from Knoxville, Tennessee (active since 2008). The band consists of Graham Smith (guitars, vocals), and Tom Finn (drums).

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