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Track 7 on Spades Cooley's 2011 album "God is Moving on Me"


When they circle they will eat you
You are the meat
They suck your glands
They drink it all
You are the blood

I am the void
you are the mess
I always win
you lay to rest
You have a game
I have one too
It's haunting you
scary but true

I once was found but now am lost
Amazing grace, how sweet the cost
The soul is black
the spirit gone
The eyes on me are red and wrong
Cancel the sound and you'll be safe
I am the song that is disgrace
I write the words that come to me
They're eating me
I am the meat


from God Is Moving On Me, released February 2, 2011
Graham Smith (guitars/vocals), Thomas Finn (drums)




Spades Cooley Knoxville

Spades Cooley is an indie rock duo from Knoxville, Tennessee (active since 2008). The band consists of Graham Smith (guitars, vocals), and Tom Finn (drums).

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